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Welcome to
Midwest Graffiti
Website Design and Promotion
Although we've chosen a retro theme for our website, you know it's not 1966, right? That means it's no longer acceptable to not have a powerful WEB PRESENCE. Simply put, a strong online visibility is an absolute neccessity for business growth these days. 

Midwest Graffiti is here to help. We start by creating unique WEBSITES that tell your brand story in a compelling way. Then we OPTIMIZE it both on-page and off-page employing industry-leading techniques guaranteed to boost your organic rank on every major search engine. Your website will shine on both desktop and MOBILE DEVICES

After that, we construct and maintain a disciplined SOCIAL MEDIA initiative. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus are utilized to reach both traditional and non-traditional prospects. We scrutinize and scrub LOCAL DIRECTORIES as well to assure web-wide consistency.

Then we push highly-qualified traffic to your website with a creative combination of search and display PAY PER CLICK campaigns on the GOOGLE AD NETWORK designed to meet and exceed your unique business growth goals.

After that we monitor, tweak, and report your results in a way you can understand and make educated decisions on OVERALL PROGRAM EFFECTIVENESS. Our reports are custom-crafted to tell the complete story of your online campaigns. And although the first 3 steps above are critical, this is where the rubber meets the proverbial road. After all, if your investment isn't reaping rewards, why do it?

What Else Do We Do?
Basically, we can connect you to your customers in just about every advertising way ever created.
Email Marketing + Logo Design + Business Cards + Brochures + Sales Flyers + Posters + Envelopes + Direct Mail + Video + Testimonials + Online Reviews + Indoor Billboards + Radio/TV Scripts + Yellow Page/Magazine/Newspaper Ads, etc.